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Time-lapse of tree removal service for large tree in backyard. Tree stump removal as well as all limbs / branches and hauling away to dump was included in the service. The whole job cost around $800. The tree was a pain year round, so it had to go.

I'm all for nature, but this tree got huge! It was too much to handle, so a tree removal service was contacted to cut it down and dispose of. The whole job took a day and was pretty fast and efficient. I was impressed by their coordination and process. It was pretty cool to watch, actually. They had the whole rope situation going making sure the big cuts didn't fall to the ground.

Saw this opportunity for a time-lapse, so I set up the Go Pro and recorded the whole process. I ran out of batteries at the end there, but got the bulk of the action. There's some nice cloud movement in the background as well. It was a great test and helped me feel out the various time-lapse photo settings and how to import the pictures into the computer.

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