Important Tasks For Maintaining Your Landscaping

Important Tasks For Maintaining Your Landscaping

In order to keep your yard looking great, there are a few tasks you'll need to keep up with on a regular basis. If you're too busy to keep up with these tasks, try hiring landscaping contractors in Cape May, NJ, to do them for you.

Mowing and Edging

Your lawn is by far the largest element in your landscaping. It takes up the most space, and it needs to most regular attention. To keep your lawn looking great, you should mow every week. Of course, this is just a general guideline; you may need to mow more or less frequently depending on your lawn, the season, etc.

Though it's not completely necessary to edge your lawn every week, you should do it at least once every few weeks. Edging gives your lawn a crisp, clean-cut look by trimming back those areas that your lawn mower can't quite get to. Without it, the edges of your lawn will begin to look shaggy, and can grow up over the concrete or curbing.


If you have bushes, shrubs, or trees of any kind, they will need periodic trimming to look nice, as well as to stay healthy. Different types of plants require different amounts of trimming, so you should consult with a professional on this; trimming too often could permanently damage some varieties of trees and shrubs.

In general, shrubs need to be trimmed more frequently than trees, as they tend to grow more rapidly. With most varieties of shrubs and bushes, you can simply trim them whenever you feel they are beginning to get unruly. Just trim back any excess growth that you no longer want, and give the shrub an appealing shape. Some people get creative with their shrubs and trim them into interesting shapes and designs. If you're like most people though, you'll just want to trim the shrub into a tamed version of its natural shape.

Trees usually only need trimming once or twice a year, though this depends on the type of tree you have; again, you'll want to speak to a professional before doing any tree trimming on your own. Seasonal trimmings can help keep the tree healthy, remove dead or overgrown branches, and even help fruit trees to produce more fruit. Just make sure you're trimming in the right way at the right time.

Flowerbed Care

If you have any flowerbeds in your yard, they will need regular care for the plants to stay healthy and the beds to look nice. First on the list of flowerbed care is watering. You will need to ensure that the plants you have are receiving appropriate amounts of water. Do your research to find out how much water each type of plant needs.

The second task is weeding. Weeds can smother and kill plants, so it's important that you keep them under control. Unfortunately, chemical weed killers can kill your flowers too, so you'll need to pull weeds out by hand on a regular basis; you should do this at least once a week.

Flowers will also need regular "dead-heading." This is when you cut off the dead and dying blooms on the plant. This encourages the plant to continue producing new blooms, which helps the plant live longer and allows you to continue having beautiful flowers blossoming in your garden.

If these tasks are too much for you to handle on your own, you can hire landscaping contractors in Cape May, NJ, to complete some or all of these tasks for you.

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